Indian Summer – flowers


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A heatwave in floral form Bright pink and orange blooms bring a summer vibe to this vibrant bouquet, which makes a cheerful gift whether you’re wishing someone ‘Happy Birthday’ or saying a heartfelt ‘congratulations’ or ‘thank you’. We’ve put colourful roses and germini against a backdrop of greenery including greenbell and solidago so that they stand out all the more. Our bright ‘Indian Summer’ bouquet is hand-tied with the following flowers and foliage: 4 Rose Tacazzi 3 Germini Orange 3 Germini Navy 5 Solidago 2 Greenbell 3 Carthamus So your loved one can enjoy their gift for as long as possible, we’ll use only the freshest flowers and foliage available to create this gorgeous bouquet. Add an extra touchMake your gesture extra special by including an elegant Beehive or Hurricane vase with your order. Just so you know…These beautiful blooms may arrive with their buds closed up, but they’ll soon open out once they’re in the warmth of the lucky recipient’s home. Very occasionally, we may need to substitute some of the flowers or foliage, but fear not – every bloom will be just as stunning as you see in these photos.