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One of the many advantages of having our own buyers on the flower markets in Europe and working directly with the growers overseas is that we can take advantage of any flowers that are particularly beautiful at any time of year. Each bouquet will be individual and will be made up from stems chosen daily by our buyers. These stems are then given to our expert florists who will design a wonderful bouquet of the best of the beautiful seasonal flowers especially for you.Please note that the bouquet you receive will not resemble the images shown; they are merely there to give an indication of size and flowers. Add an extra touchMake your gesture extra special by including an elegant Beehive or Hurricane vase with your order. Just so you know…These beautiful flowers may arrive in bud, but they’ll soon open out once they’re in the warmth of the lucky recipient’s home. Very occasionally, we may need to substitute some of the flowers or foliage, but fear not – every bloom will be just as stunning as you see in these photos.